PSY thanks Apink's Naeun for performing "New Face" on various TV shows

Apink's Son Naeun made an appearance in the music video of PSY's "New Face" that was released on May 10 and caught eyes of people by showing off her lovely appearance. After then, yeah, she became one of the most sought-after idols in the Korean entertainment. It seems like the female idol should be thankful for PSY. But actually, PSY also has been very thankful for Naeun for some reasons. Check out what PSY talked about Naeun in his recent interview.

At first, I called her to cast her because she's very pretty. I wanted to cast someone who is not a rookie but is a lovely person. And a person who is close to me told me that she is more off the wall than people think. So, I thought people must consider her as a "New Face" if she appears in the music video. I was sure that her appearance in the music video will create a win-win situation for us. I'm very happy that Apink got good results after making a comeback recently. And I really thank Naeun for performing "New Face" on various TV shows. I think she performed "New Face" more times than she performed "Five". Actually, when she makes an appearance on a TV show, I ask her to perform "New Face" and I also request the host of the program to make Naeun dance to "New Face", haha.

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