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Minzy says she met Unnies when she was very lonely and they're real sisters to her

On July 28, Minzy appeared on SBS Love FM's "Unnie's Radio" as a special DJ. Comedian Song Euni and Kim Sook are original DJs of the program, but Song Euni couldn't appear on the program due to her busy schedule, and Kim Sook has asked the former 2NE1 member to replace the comedian. Kim Sook and Minzy has been maintaining very close relationship since they appeared on "Unnies' Slam Dunk 2", and Minzy readily accepted Kim Sook's proposal.

On the program, Minzy talked about the great friendship among the members of Unnies. You know, Unnies is a girl group which is comprised of 7 members who have appeared on "Unnies' Slam Dunk 2", and the girl group made a huge success of its song "Right?".

I was a member of a broadcasting club when I was an elementary school student, and I'm so excited that I finally became a DJ. I'm busy with my overseas activities, but I decided to appear on the program because of Kim Sook. I'm always ready to accept her invitation. I was in charge of dance when we were active as members of Unnies, and I think I can be in charge of dance at "Unnie's Radio" too. I can do all kinds of dance moves. And I hope Kim Sook will come to my dance academy and learn dancing. The dance academy is flourishing. Actually, I met Unnies' members when I was really lonely. I think I met my real sisters. We still contact each other often, and I want to go on a friendship trip with them some day.

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