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MAMAMOO Solar becomes Apink Chorong's first ever female celebrity friend since her debut

Apink's Park Chorong has been leading the girl group since her debut in 2011. Well, she's doing really great as a leader of the team. She always cares about the other members, while the members really like their leader. That's why the members have been getting along well with each other for such a long time.

But, even though it has been 7 years since she debuted, Chorong couldn't make many friends in the k-pop world because of his introverted personality. She's a little bit afraid of strangers, and there was no one who she is close to except for her team mates and label mate.

By the way, recently, she finally made a friend! It's Mamamoo's Solar. Check out what Chorong talked her first ever female celebrity friend at MBC FM4U's "Hope song at noon" aired on July 13.

I've had no female celebrity friend since I debuted 7 years ago. So, one day, BTOB's Lee Changseob introduced Solar to me because he felt pity for me. At first, I was so embarrassed, and I couldn't become a friend with her. We just exchanged greetings. However, I later took up my courage to become a friend with her, and I asked for her number. It's the first time for me to exchange phone numbers with a female celebrity to become friends.

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