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Kim Soohyun is receiving love calls from various dramas and movies despite the huge failure of his movie

Kim Soohyun's new movie "Real" was released on June 28, but the movie received harsh reviews from the critics. It is not cohesive enough to be a good movie, while many critics are saying the movie is rubbish. "Real" drew audiences totaling 450,000 people till July 11, which is a very small number for such a big budget movie.

However, despite the huge failure of his movie, it seems like Kim Soohyun's popularity in the Korean entertainment world remains undiminished because he is now receiving love calls from a variety of dramas and movies.

Well, there are two reasons for it. First, Kim Soohyun will join the army next year, at the latest, which means his upcoming new drama or movie will be his last drama or movie before his enlistment. He will do his military service for about two years, and production companies of many dramas and movies are now fiercely competing to cast the super star because it is the last chance for them to cast him before his enlistment.

Second, despite the huge failure of his movie, Kim Soohyun is still a very popular star who is loved by many fans at home and abroad, which means he still has a huge commercial value. If he appears in his new drama, there is a good chance that the drama will receive great attention from people and the production company of the drama will earn a lot of money.

However, Kim Soohyun will never make a quick decision. According to the people who are close to him, he's shocked by the huge failure of his movie. He was sure of the success of the movie and he had great affection for the movie, but, you know, everything went wrong. He will choose his new drama or movie very carefully because he wants to salvage his pride.

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