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[Interview] Girls' Generation's Seohyun says her real-life personality is similar to her character in "Bad Thief Good Thief"

Q. You're playing Kang Soju in your drama. Tell me about her.
Seohyun: She is a person of judgement and tenacity, who evokes a girl crush.

Q. What do you focus on the most when you play the character?
Seohyun: I think my physical strength is the most important because the drama is not a short drama. And my goal is to finish filming the drama safely because there are many action scenes.

Q. Could you pick one memorable scene from the drama?
Seohyun: Well, it's hard to pick just one, but I like the scene where Dolmok (Ji Hyunwoo) and Jongbum (Shorry) shouted out "Schools should be like schools and students should be like students".

Q. What is it like acting together with actor Ji Hyunwoo?
Seohyun: He always leads me well, and that's why I feel comfortable about expressing emotions in the drama. I can be absorbed in the character thanks to him. By the way, I felt so sorry for him when I hit his head with a cellphone by mistake while filming our drama.

Q. It's notable that you show a new side of yourself in your drama.
Seohyun: At first, I was worried about it, but I'm enjoying playing the character now because the character is similar to my real-life personality.

Q. You have to cry a lot in the drama. Isn't it hard to act?
Seohyun: I'm just trying to be absorbed in the situation, and I always think about how well I can express emotions.

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