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[Exclusive] IU is getting high esteem because she visits every singer's waiting room and presents her signed CD

IU is one of the most popular k-pop singer among k-pop industry workers because she is very good-natured. She's kind to everybody and she never acts high and mighty even though she is a top star. By the way, it seems like she is more kindhearted than I thought.

Do you like k-pop chart shows? Do you know what happens backstage, then? It is common for Korean people to have respect for seniors. That's why the relationship between senior k-pop singers and junior k-pop singers are so tight. So, on the day when k-pop idols take part in the recording of a music chart show, junior singers usually visit senior singers' waiting rooms and bow to them. Junior singers present their signed CDs too, while some senior singers who have bad character even refuse to receive it. Senior singers, especially popular singers never visit junior singers' waiting rooms or present their signed CDs to junior singers.

However, IU is different. Even though she has been active in the k-pop world for many years and she is a top star, she visits every singer's waiting room and presents her signed CD. I've heard about this from multiple young idols. There were rookie idols who were visited by IU too. They were very moved when they received IU's signed CDs, and they said they hope to become a kindhearted super star just like IU. That's why IU is getting high esteem of young k-pop idols.

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