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BTS changes the trend of k-pop industry

No doubt, BTS is now one of the most popular k-pop idol groups. BTS is loved by so many fans at home and abroad, while the group also won BBMAs Top Social Artist award.

BTS' huge success has come as a great shock to many people in the k-pop industry because the group belongs to Big Hit entertainment, which is not as big kpop agency as SM, YG, or JYP. Many people in the k-pop industry was stimulated by BTS' success, and actually, the trend of k-pop industry has changed because of BTS.

One reason why BTS could become one of the most popular k-pop idol groups is because the group gives people music with stories. The group writes its own music and sings about teenager's life, arousing empathy from young k-pop fans. BTS could achieve a huge success because of its great storytelling, and people in the k-pop industry realized that what's important to k-pop boy groups is that they should be good at storytelling.

Of course, BTS is not the first k-pop boy group who give people music with stories. Idol group of SM Entertainment such as TVXQ, SHINee and EXO usually have been very good at storytelling. However, the notable difference between them and BTS is that their stories are made by SM Entertainment but BTS makes its stories by itself. BTS' stories are are as refined as SM's, but the stories are very candid and honest.

So, what many k-pop agencies are now trying to do is produce an idol group who can make its own stories just like BTS does. As BTS members have proved that they can do it even if they're not idols of big k-pop agencies, many small and medium k-pop agencies are hopeful that their idols can do it too.

Of course, it will be never easy for idol groups of small and medium k-pop agencies to become as successful as BTS because the BTS members are very talented and they put a lot of time and effort into their music. But, it's notable that the trend of k-pop industry has changed because of BTS and there is a good chance that many young idols of small and medium k-pop agencies will do their best to become like BTS.

Oh, you must be curious about BTS' upcoming new album. The members are currently working on their new songs, and they will release their new album within this year. Nothing is confirmed, but one thing is certain that they will give people music with their own stories. Check out what Bang Sihyuk talked about BTS' new album.

BTS sang about teenage life, and the group also sang about youths who feel uneasy in the unfamiliar surroundings. BTS will keep doing the same thing. They will tell their stories through their music, and they will try to make stories which can arouse sympathy from their contemporaries.

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