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Are TWICE members really terrible singers?

No doubt, TWICE is in its golden days now. As a new girl groups of JYP Entertainment, one of the biggest k-pop agencies, TWICE has been on a roll since its debut in October 2015. The girl group made a success of it songs such as "Cheer Up", "TT" and "Signal", while it seems that TWICE is a k-pop girl group without equal now. And TWICE achieve huge success in Japan too. TWICE, who made an official debut in Japan by releasing its first Japanese album "#TWICE" on June 28 is enjoying huge popularity in the country. TWICE's debut album sold over 200,000 copies within just a week, and the album was ranked second on the Oricon's monthly chart.

By the way, it seems like there are some k-pop fans who believe that TWICE members are terrible singers. Well, in some videos, yeah, it's true they seem to be terrible singers. Watch the video below first.

What do you think? Well, to say the conclusion first, no, they're not terrible singers.

TWICE members averagely have been trained for about 4 years, and furthermore, they've improved their singing ability through JYP's systematic training. I can't say all of them are great singers, and I can't say TWICE is a k-pop girl group who has the best singing ability. But, all of the members have good basic skills. Do you think Momo is a terrible singer? Do you think Tzuyu is a terrible singer? No, they are not. They can do much better than ordinary people or would be singers do. Of course, it's true there are not a few k-pop idols who can sing better than them and Jihyo and Nayeon are better than them, but it doesn't mean they're terrible singers.

Then, why do you think TWICE seem to be terrible singers in some videos? There are some reasons for it. First, when they do an encore on a music chart show, they usually don't do their best. In the video above, some of the members don't sing their parts not because they can't sing well but because they're just celebrating winning no.1 trophy. Second, not only TWICE but also most of the other k-pop idol groups don't sing the whole song on the stage. Well, it needs an explanation.

K-pop idol groups usually sing and dance at the same time on the stage, but it is really hard to do so even for well trained singers. So, 100% of k-pop idols make their MR before performing their songs on k-pop chart shows, while the way how they make MR is to decrease the sound volume of their voices in original music, keeping the sound volume of instrumental accompaniment as it is. So, to k-pop idols, singing to MR doesn’t just mean they sing live to instrumental accompaniment. It means they add their voices to volumed down original music. And actually, some of MRs includes some parts which is exactly the same as the original music, which means singers just pretend to sing live when they perform the parts. However, it doesn't mean they're terrible singers. They do such a thing because they can show better dance performance by doing so.

So, just like the other k-pop idol groups, TWICE members sing to their MR, and they could seem to be terrible singers because they just pretend to sing live when they perform some parts of their song. But, again, it doesn't mean they're terrible singers. And what you should know is that TWICE is a dance group and it has many members. The girl group focuses on showing better dance performance rather than showing off its singing ability, while each member has a role to do. Do you think Momo and Tzuyu have to sing more parts and show off their singing abilities like Jihyo? No, it's not a team.

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