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YG rapper One could have become WINNER's new member

YG Entertainment's rapper One could have replaced Nam Taehyun, who has left WINNER.

After Nam Taehyun decided to leave WINNER last year, Yang Hyun Suk and the rest members had several meetings to discuss countermeasures. The situation was the worst because WINNER couldn't make a comeback for a long time and the boy group lost one of its main vocalists, Nam Taehyun. According to YG Entertainment, they even thought of disbanding the team.

At first, Yang Hyun Suk thought WINNER needed a new member, and One was the top candidate because he appeared in "Show Me The Money 4" with Mino, while the handsome rapper, who is very social has a close relationship with WINNER members.

However, Yang Hyun Suk eventually decided not to include One in WINNER because he thought One is a rapper and can't replace Nam Taehyun. In addition, One has been preparing for his solo debut for a long time, and his debut album was nearly completed when Yang Hyun Suk and WINNER members were discussing about the boy group's future.

Anyway, One will release his solo debut album on July 11.

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