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The truth about BIGBANG TOP's suicide attempt: Is he really dying?

Many k-pop fans should be so shocked now.

You know, BIGBANG's TOP, who's currently serving as a conscripted policeman has recently been charged with smoking marijuana, and he has admitted most of the charges. After then, the police decided to change his role and move him from PR department to the police squad because he broke the police regulations and he's unsuitable for taking on duties.

By the way, on June 6, TOP has been rushed to the emergency room, while there are a lot of rumors about it. So, what do you think is the truth?

Q. Was he really unconscious?

On June 6, TOP's fellows tried to shake him out of sleep, but he didn't wake up. Yes, he was unconscious and he just responded to a very strong stimulus. When he was rushed to the emergency room, his pupils were contracted and his blood pressure rose dangerously. And he showed difficulty in breathing due to hypoxia. His condition was very serious. The medical team took emergency measures and his condition got a little bit better, but he couldn't recover his consciousness.

Q. Why did the police say he was conscious?

When TOP was rushed to the emergency room, the police announced that he was conscious and was not in serious condition. However, it turned out to be a lie later. Well, there are two reasons why the police said TOP was ok. First, because the police has no professional knowledge in medical science. TOP was lethargic and he seemed to fall into a profound sleep. And it's true TOP reacted when his fellows gave a strong stimulus to him.  Second, because the police wants to escape the responsibility. TOP is currently serving as a conscripted policeman, and it has been only 4 months since he joined the police. The police tried to whitewash the incident not to be blamed for neglect of a new conscripted policeman. Actually, exactly the same thing is now happening in the Korean army.

Q. Why did TOP take a tranquilizer?

After being charged with smoking marijuana, TOP has been under great stress. Yeah, that's why he overdosed on tranquilizer. He wanted to pick himself up from mental anguish. But, it's not his first time to take tranquilizer. He's been taking tranquilizer for a long time because he has been suffering from panic disorder and mental depression.

Q. Why did he smile in front of reporters?

Many people blamed TOP because he seemed to smile inf front of reporters after being charged with smoking marijuana. Some people say he smiled because he didn't feel guilty at all. But it's not true. TOP is an introvert person who is uneasy in the company of strangers. That's why he seemed to smile. Yeah, he was just shameful and embarrassed.

Q. Will he recover?

It is a misconception that TOP is sleeping now. He is lethargic and still in a serious condition. However, he will recover. It seems to take more than a week. People are worrying about his brain damage, but his condition is not that much serious.

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