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The full story about NU'EST Kang Dongho's sexual harassment scandal

NU'EST's Kang Dongho, who has appeared in "PRODUCE 101 Season 2" is mixed up in a sexual harassment scandal. On June 22, a woman who insists that she is the victim of sexual harassment posted a long piece of writing on the Internet. Here's the link, and it really is a very long piece of writing, so let me summarize it.

When Kang Dongho was young, he lived in Jeju island. He was very close with the woman, who's a year younger than him, and they attended an academy together. And their parents were close with each other too.

One day, they got in to a same vehicle to go back home after their lesson. (Kang Dongho was 15 years old) By the way, Kang Dongho took her hand said "It's so cold". As the woman was very close with him, she just said "Yeah, it's cold". However, Kang Dongho suddenly put his bag on her knees and touched her thighs. She was so embarrassed but she couldn't say a word. Kang Dongho touched her breasts too, and he put his hand in her skirt. She was very scared, but all she could do was just try to close her legs. However, Kang Dongho forced to open her legs and began to touch her genitals. He even put his hand in her panties. It took about 30 minutes to arrive home, and when she got out of the vehicle, Kang Dongho just said "Bye" with a smile.

Well, this is the woman's claim, and yeah, we can't say it's true because nothing has been proven yet.

However, two things are certain. First, Kang Dongho knows the woman, and it's true they were very close when they were young. Second, the woman called him and asked for an apology but he avoided conversation. She revealed evidences that she's already contacted him. She revealed text messages between them, and she recorded telephone call too.

By the way, it seems like some people think it's strange that the woman opened her mouth about the incident 8 years after it occurred. Yeah, that's why some people are suspecting she has designs on Kang Dongho's money. You know, Kang Dongho became popular after appearing in "PRODUCE 101 Season 2", and he will make a comeback as a member of NU'EST. There is a good chance that he will earn good money.

However, according to the woman, she has tried to forget about the incident for the last 8 years, and she didn't open her mouth about it because Kang Dongho was not that popular and he rarely appeared on TV. But, things have changed. He became popular now and is seen on TV quite often. The woman said "His appearance on TV reminded me constantly of the incident".

Of course, nobody knows the truth but Kang Dongho and the woman, but it seems like the truth will come out soon because it has already become a hot issue and Kang Dongho and Pledis will not be able to just ignore the woman's claim without saying anything about the incident. Actually, her mother is constantly posting a long piece of writing on the Internet, insisting that Kang Dongho should be punished, while not a few netizens are giving support for her.

Again, nobody knows the truth but Kang Dongho and the woman, but whether it's true or not, it's sad that the idol singer has been mixed up in a sexual harassment scandal. You know, he debuted as members of NU'EST in 2012 but they couldn't become one of the hottest boy groups and were in a desperate situation. He finally got a chance to enjoy popularity as an idol singer, but, yeah, things have gone awry.

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