Suzy to finish filming her new drama soon (is about to announce whether she will leave JYP)

Suzy is going to finish filming her new drama soon. According to the drama official, the female star will finish filming "While you were sleeping" around the middle of June. The drama will begin to air in late September. Are you looking forward to the drama?

By the way, many of you should be curious about another thing. Yeah, Suzy has not announced whether she is going to leave JYP Entertainment or not yet. You know, Suzy's contract with JYP has expired on March 31, 2017, and the interest of her fans has been collecting around whether or not the top k-pop star will renew her contract.

To say the conclusion first, nothing is confirmed yet. Suzy has been focusing on filming her drama, while many possibilities still exist. As I said before, Suzy was thinking about establishing her own agency, but she also received love calls from various agencies including JYP.

Well, however, after finishing filming her drama soon, Suzy will be able to think about her future in earnest, which means it is not long till she will announce whether she is going to leave JYP.