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Stories behind G-Dragon's comeback

G-Dragon is back. GD released his new solo album on June 8, and the super star topped a variety of online music charts, showing off his great influence and popularity in the world of k-pop. Are you enjoying listening to the album? Well, the songs are really awesome. The songs are very characterful songs which have high quality sounds, while GD expressed his own thoughts and feelings as a 30-year-old man through the songs. No doubt, he is not just an idol star, but a great musician.

By the way, there are stories behind his comeback. Check out what those are.


At first, music video director Han Samin planned to film the music video of "Untitled, 2014" for two days. Yeah, it usually takes 2-3 days to film a k-pop music video, and directors complete music videos by splicing the best scenes together.

However, Han Samin could finish filming the music video of "Untitled, 2014" just in an hour because GD's acting was really brilliant. The director never said "Cut!" and the music video was done in one-take. The music video became different from the original version, but as you can see, it became a great music video thanks to GD's acting. He absolutely expressed the delicate emotions of the song so well.


GD chose "Bullshit" as his title track at first. However, he changed it to "Untitled, 2014" just before his new album was released, while it is very unusual that a k-pop singer changes his title track on his comeback day.

Actually, it is because of TOP. TOP has been rushed to the emergency room two days ago due to a drug overdose. Even though his condition became better, GD thought it is inappropriate to choose a powerful and cheerful hip hop song as his title track in the present situation. You know, "Untitled, 2014" is a sentimental slow song.


GD originally planned to hold a press conference before releasing his new album. GD has been working hard on his new album, and much attention was given to what the competent k-pop musician will talk about at the press conference. And he planned to talk about his upcoming solo world tour too.

However, he has cancelled the press conference. Yeah, it's also because of TOP. If GD held a press conference, all the reporters must ask questions about TOP, instead of asking about GD's new album and world tour. GD and YG wanted to avoid such an uncomfortable situation.


When the news that TOP was charged with smoking marijuana was reported on June 1, YG Entertainment made an official announcement and apologized for the idol star's wrong behavior. And TOP himself also apologized for it by posting a handwritten letter.

By the way, YG apologized for everything again on June 8, while people in the k-pop industry are now saying that it is a very rare case because YG has been reluctant to admit its artists' faults and apologize.

Well, it's basically because it's not the first time that a YG artists linked his name with a drug scandal. Public criticism was so strong that YG had no choice but to apologize. But that's not all. YG was afraid if the incident will have a bad influence on GD's comeback, and that's also one reason why the agency made an official announcement and apologized twice.

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