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SISTAR's Hyolyn is likely to leave Starship

It seems like only two members of SISTAR will stay in Starship Entertainment.

According to the officials, Hyolyn has recently filmed "Yang Sehyung's Shorterview", but she went to the filming spot alone without a manager, which means the female singer is not managed by Starship Entertainment any more.

You know, Bora signed with her new agency Hook Entertainment, home to Lee Seung Gi and Lee Seojin, while Starship announced that the agency renewed its contract with Dasom and Bora on June 13. Starship is currently discussing with Hyolyn about the renewal of her contract, and nothing is confirmed yet. However, there is a big possibility that she will leave Starship because she's already told the CEO of Starship that she wants to make a fresh start.

The Starship official told me, "Hyolyn told the CEO of Starship that she wants to look for a new agency in which she can spread her wings as a solo singer. The CEO agreed to her idea, and he told her it's ok to contact with many other agencies. Hyolyn will talk about the renewal of her contract again with the CEO after making up her mind about it later".

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