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Reason why Jeon Somi didn't make an official debut yet

You know, Jeon Somi is highly active in the Korean entertainment world these days. She has recently received a great deal of attention as a member of Unnies of "Sister's Slam Dunk Season 2", while she will make an appearance in "Idol Drama Operation Team" to be aired from May 29. She's now one of the most sought-after young female idols in the Korean entertainment world, while there are so many fans who love the pretty girl.

By the way, isn't it strange that Somi didn't make an official debut yet? It has been more than a year since she became the winner of "PRODUCE 101", and most of the other I.O.I members have already made an official debut. Kim Sejung debuted as a member of Gugudan, while Lim Nayoung and Zhou Jieqiong have been active as members of PRISTIN. So, why do you think Somi didn't make an official debut yet even thought she was the most popular I.O.I member?

Actually, JYP is not in a hurry about Somi's debut. There are some reasons for it.

First, Somi is the most popular I.O.I member and JYP is one of the biggest k-pop agencies. Reason why many idols who are from TV audition programs debut so soon is that they could be forgotten by the people if they have a long hiatus. However, Somi has been active in the Korean entertainment world even though she didn't make an official debut yet because, yeah, she is the most popular I.O.I member and JYP, one of the biggest k-pop agencies is giving full support to her.

Second, she's only 16 years old now, and she still has time. She's currently building up her experience as an entertainer. And even though Somi is really talented and pretty, it's true that she's not a perfect singer yet. She'll be trained to be a better singer for more time. Somi will make an official debut after being fully ready for it, and JYP hopes to make it perfect because JYP regards her as the future of the agency, who will succeed Suzy.

Third, TWICE is doing so great, which means JYP doesn't need to hurry to produce another rookie girl group. If TWICE couldn't have achieved such a huge success, yeah, the situation would have been different.

Then, when do you think Somi will make an official debut? As I mentioned, JYP is not in a hurry about her debut, and it will take at least 1-2 years for her to debut. JYP is now considering a range of possibilities, and it is expected that Somi will make a debut as a member of JYP's new girl group. JYP has many talented young female trainees, and JYP is now thinking about forming a brand new girl group which is totally different from TWICE.

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