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Reason why BIGBANG's TOP decided to move to another hospital

BIGBANG's TOP, who's been in Ewha Womans Univ. Mok-dong Hospital for 4 days is moving to another hospital.

On June 9, TOP left intensive care unit of Ewha Womans Univ. Mok-dong Hospital. When he was leaving the intensive care unit, he was in a wheelchair and responded to reporters' questions with a brief statement, "I'm sorry". He's been laying still in the intensive care unit since he was rushed to the emergency room three days ago due to a drug overdose.

Even though the idol star left intensive care unit, he has to receive mental treatment, and as I said before, there were two choices. He could move to the general ward of Ewha Womans Univ. Mok-dong Hospital or he could move to another hospital.

At first, he though about moving to the general ward of Ewha Womans Univ. Mok-dong Hospital but he couldn't because the hospital doesn't have a room for one patient only. You know, TOP is a top star, and if he can't move to a hospital room for one patient only, other patients could be exposed to inconveniences because there are so many reporters who are covering TOP. In addition, TOP's mother hoped to see his son more freely, and that's why TOP decided to move to another hospital.

YG Entertainment doesn't want to reveal which hospital TOP is moving to, but it will be revealed within due time because, you know, there are always witnesses.

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