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Plan A expects Son Naeun to act as the ace member of Apink

Plan A Entertainment, home to Apink is now having great expectations of Son Naeun.

Apink will make a comeback on June 26, while the Apink members has begun to be active in various TV shows. By the way, it's notable that Son Naeun, who has been not that active in TV shows took part in the recordings of various TV shows such as "Let's eat dinner together" and "Abnormal Summit". Apink has many talented and funny members such as Eunji and Bomi, but Naeun is the most active member in TV shows these days. What do you think is the reason?

Actually, Plan A Entertainment is now expecting Naeun to act as the ace member of Apink. That's why the agency chose her as the member who appears in "Let's eat dinner together" and "Abnormal Summit". Just two Apink members filmed each show, while Naeun took part in the recordings of both shows because, yeah, Naeun is the ace member.

You know, she made an appearance in the music video of PSY's "New Face" that was released on May 10 and caught eyes of people by showing off her lovely appearance. And after that, she has become the most desired TV commercial idol. She received love calls from various commercial films and TV shows, while some people in the k-pop industry even said that they're expecting Son Naeun will become one of the top 3 female idols in the world of advertising, along with Suzy and Seolhyun.

So, in this situation, Plan A Entertainment is expecting Naeun to lead Apink to success. And it is also expected that the female idol will take a bigger part on the stage than ever as the center of the girl group.

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