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[Official Announcement] Pledis denies NU'EST Kang Dongho's sexual harassment scandal

You know, NU'EST's Kang Dongho, who has appeared in "PRODUCE 101 Season 2" has been mixed up in a sexual harassment scandal after a woman who insists that she is the victim of sexual harassment posted a long piece of writing on the Internet on June 22. She insisted that Kang Dongho touched her thighs, breasts and genitals 8 years ago when he was 15 years old.

However, on June 23, Pledis made an official announcement about the incident. The agency denied everything, stating "We'll take legal action against those who spread rumors on the Internet".

All the stories on the Internet are utterly without foundation. We'll take legal action against those who spread rumors on the Internet, and especially, we have already accused the woman who is making a false claim of spreading false information on the Internet.

We don't want to mention about every detail of the story on the Internet because we want to protect our artist. However, we decided to explain about a few things because many kinds of false information are spreading on the Internet.

The woman, who is making a false claim is a younger sister of Kang Dongho's friend. Their families know each other too. She contacted him, and she suddenly insisted that she was sexually harassed by him. Kang Dongho was very embarrassed and he requested for a phone call, but she refused it, mentioning "I can't have a talk on the phone".

Kang Dongho explained all the situations to us, and we told him not to contact her because he's receiving attention from many people and his words could stir up some controversy. That's why he never responded to her messages.

And when she called Kang Dongho, he just said "I will call you back later" because he was very embarrassed and he had to be cautious about saying anything. It doesn't mean he avoided conversation because he did something wrong.

Again, We'll take legal action against those who spread rumors on the Internet. There's no exception, and we'll make them take legal responsibility.

<K-pop Secret Vol.2: Unknown Stories about K-pop Industry>
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