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Kim Soohyun shed tears at a VIP preview of "Real" due to harsh reviews

On June 27, a VIP preview of Kim Soohyun's new movie "Real" was held in Seoul. Of course, Kim Soohyun was there, while various famous stars including IU, Park Shinhye, Taecyeon, Lee Hongki and Minho of SHINee attended the event too to watch the movie and support Kim Soohyun.

Actors invite their close friends to the VIP preview of their movies, and at the event, they usually just say their movies are really great even if the movies are really terrible because the event is for their close friends, not for the critics.

However, Kim Soohyun looked so depressed. And he said "I've been looking forward to today. I'm nervous, but I'm excited too. By the way, it is noised abroad that my movie is very unfriendly. Don't take the movie so seriously, and please just enjoy it. Please support me".

And when he heard a loud cheer from one audience, he shed tears.

Actually, "Real" is receiving harsh reviews from the critics. The critics are saying the movie is rubbish. And on the day when the VIP preview was held, Kim Soohyun were interviewed by dozens of journalists, which means he had to answer to the question "What do you think about harsh reviews from the critics?" all day. You might say the journalists should not have asked such a question, but it couldn't be helped because the movie is really rubbish.

Anyway, in this situation, Kim Soohyun felt great responsibility as a leading actor of the movie, and that's why he shed tears at the VIP preview.

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