INFINITE's contract with Woollim will expire soon (Contract renewal is under discussion)

Infinite's contract with Woollim Entertainment will expire soon.

The boy group was signed by Woollim in 2010, and its 7-year contract with the agency will be terminated in June. According to the Woollim official, the renewal of the contract is under discussion.

Of course, Woollim wants to renew the contract, but the agency and the Infinite members are discussing the details of the contract. That's one reason why Infinite delayed its comeback which was originally scheduled in May.

Basically, there is a good chance that the Infinite members will renew their contracts with Woollim because they've been maintaining good relations. And there has been no discord or disharmony among the members. However, nothing is confirmed, and it's true the members are thinking a lot about their future because it already has been 7 years since their debut and they can't be idols for ever. You know, SISTAR decided to take a fresh start even though the team is still one of the most popular k-pop girl groups.