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Gummy says she was a judge of IU's audition

Gummy talked about her special bond with IU.

The female singer appeared on "Kim Shinyoung's Hope Songs at Noon" aired on June 8 and said "Just before IU debuted, I was a judge of her audition. I attended the audition because I was intimate with the CEO of IU's agency. Actually, IU sang my song at the audition. I've released a remake version of Kim Bumsoo's "I miss you" years ago, and IU sang the song".

And Gummy chose IU as one of the female k-pop singers who have the most attractive voice tone. Check out what she said.

I don't think I'm one of the top 5 female k-pop singers who have the most attractive voice tone. So many singers are better than me. Especially, I like singers who have very characterful voices such as IU, Park Bom, Lee Sora, Park Junghyun and Jinsil of Mad Soul Child.

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