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G-Dragon will quit his job if he's disappointed with his music

No doubt, BIGBANG's G-Dragon is the most influential and popular k-pop star. By the way, do you think he is just happy all the time? Well, I don't think so. He has worries and he sometime goes through just like ordinary people. However, unfortunately, there are not many chances to hear his honest thoughts on his career and life because the worldwide star is too busy and he rarely gives an interview to the media. Of course, he was interviewed by the media several times, and I've interviewed him several times, but he was always with the other BIGBANG members.

So, I want to introduce a part of GD's recent interview done by a Korean magazine because he gave his honest thoughts on his career and life through the interview.

When I wake up, I find out I'm in a foreign country. And when I fall asleep, I'm moving to another country. When I awake, I sing and work on my music. I sometimes don't even have time to feel emotions. Actually, I can't remember how I did on the stage. I can't realize everything until after watching my music videos and photos. And I have not checked my schedule for some time because I have a full schedule for a year. I think I had rather not know about it. So far, fortunately, I think I'm better today than I was yesterday. It doesn't matter if I'm Kwon Jiyong or G-Dragon, but I swear I'll quit my job if I think I'm not shining any more or I'm disappointed with my music. I don't really think about the future much, but I always try to become a better person today than I was yesterday.

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