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Even the police was surprised because online haters' abusive comments about Park Shin Hye were too harsh

Park Shin Hye has recently entered an action against her online haters. She hired a lawyer and filed a complaint against the haters. Well, she did the right thing, and it is expected the haters will pay for what they did.

By the way, there is a story behind it.

At first, Park Shin Hye and her agency didn't think about entering an action against her online haters. You know, Park Shin Hye is a good-natured person, and she thought she should endure all the things because she is a popular actress.

However, some of the actress' fans reported it to the police, and after reading all the abusive comments by Park Shin Hye's online haters, the police called her agency and advised the agency to take legal action because even the police was very surprised because the abusive comments were too harsh. Online haters have constantly sexually harassed Park Shin Hye and spread groundless rumors about her.

Well, I hope Park Shin Hye will never forgive the keyboard warriors.

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