Disbanded SISTAR burst into tears during its last prerecording

On June 4, SISTAR appeared on SBS' "Inkigayo", and you know, it was the girl group's last appearance on a music chart show as a 4-member group because the members announced that they decided to disband the team. On the show, the SISTAR members did their best to show great performance, and they had smiles on their faces even though they must have felt so sad about the parting.

However, actually, the members already cried a lot when they prerecorded the show. You know, popular k-pop idol groups usually prerecord music chart shows, and when SISTAR took part in the prerecording of "Inkigayo" on June 4, the members burst into tears after seeing their fans cry. Especially, Dasom and Bora cried a lot.

Yeah, people say SISTAR looks tough and they don't seem very sad about the breakup of the team, but they're very sad and sorry in their hearts.

Meanwhile, after announcing that SISTAR will be disbanded, the 4 members are currently designing their future, including whether or not they'll renew their contracts with Starship Entertainment.

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