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Apink's Eunji voluntarily went to New Zealand and filmed "Law of the jungle" despite her injury

Apink's Jung Eunji has recently been to New Zealand to film SBS' "Law of the jungle", and the episode is currently being aired. By the way, there is a story behind the idol star's appearance on the program. The producer of the program recently talked about the story, so check out what he said.

There were many complications before Eunji got on the flight to New Zealand. She's injured her back in Vietnam, and her agency called me because it was uncertain she can go to New Zealand. I thought what's important is her condition, and I entrusted her agency with the decision. Even though she was not in good condition, Eunji herself decided to go to New Zealand and film the program. And in New Zealand, Eunji practiced diving really hard. She also planned to have a hunt in the sea, but she couldn't because she caught a rotten cold. She felt deep regret about it. Instead, she went sea fishing. She voluntarily entered the deep sea even though she was in bad condition. I thank her for her sacrifice and hard work.

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