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[Apink Pink UP showcase] Naeun just couldn't get a chance to do sexy dance but is really good at it

Apink is back. On June 26, the lovely girl group held its comeback showcase for its new album "Pink UP" in Seoul. By the way, as you know, the Apink members have bee under a lot of mental stress these days.

A blackmailer called the police and threatened to kill the Apink members on June 14. More than 5 police officers were immediately sent to Plan A Entertainment's office, while police officers have been positioned around Apink's practice room to protect the members. And the crazy blackmailer even threatened to detonate a bomb at the showcase place on June 26. He made a threatening phone call two days before Apink's comeback showcase and said he will snipe at the members at the showcase place too.

Apink held its comeback showcase in such an unfavorable situation. However, as professionals, the members did their best on the stage and acted like nothing happened. So, check out what they talked about their comeback and the crazy blackmailer.

Q. You made a comeback with your new album, while it has been about 9 months since you released "Only One" last year. How do you feel?
Bomi: I'm so nervous now because we made a comeback after a long time. During our hiatus, we were busy doing our activities in foreign countries, but we missed Korean fans a lot. We worked very hard to prepare for our new album, so please look forward to it.

Q. Congratulations on your comeback! By the way, you know, you've recently been threatened by a blackmailer.
Chorong: I am sorry to have caused you so much anxiety. We were scared, but we could relax thanks to our fans. And thankfully, the police coped with the situation very quickly. Please don't be too worried.

Q. How do you feel today?
Chorong: Whenever we hold a showcase event, I'm so nervous because we have to perform our new song for the first time. I'm starting to feel a little more relaxed now.

Q. Tell me about your new album.
Chorong: The album is titled "Pink UP", and it means we want to lift up our mood, our fans' mood and more.
Naeun: The title track "Five" is a cheerful dance music which gives you a supportive message.

Q. So, what did you pay attention to most when you prepared for the album?
Eunji: Whenever we release our new album, we think a lot about our music. We've talked to composers a lot, and we wanted to deliver our sincerity through our new album. And at the same time, we wanted to keep our unique identity and a pure girl group. "Five" may remind you of our previous songs but the song also contains something else.
Chorong: There are so many idol groups who have great ability and distinct character. That's why we're having a difficulty. We tried to focus on what we do best.
Naeun: We tried to return to our original intentions. I hope our fans like it.

Q. You've been sticking to your pure and innocent concept since your debut in 2011. What do you think about it?
Hayoung: There are many competent sexy girl groups, and I think we don't need to compete with them. We'll focus on what we do best.
Bomi: Actually, we have some members who fit well with sexy concept. Naeun, Hayoung and Namjoo are sexy. I think we will be able to try sexy concept when we're older.

Q. Naeun, you received great attention by appearing in PSY's music video.
Naeun: It was an honor to appear in his music video. I've learned a lot. I've never done sexy dance as a member of Apink, and people said it was a surprise. However, PSY said I'm quite good at sexy dance, and I'm really good at it. You know, I just couldn't get a chance to do it.

Q. What do you think is the secret of your team work?
Eunji: It has been 7 years since we debuted, but we always think about harmony. All the members avoid sticking out, and we support each other.

Q. Various girl groups are scheduled to release their new albums this summer. Do you feel a sense of rivalry against them?
Eunji: A variety of girl groups make a comeback every summer. We watch their music videos too, but we don't compare them to ourselves. What's important is that we should do our job well.
Hayoung: I think it's not a competition, but a party.

Q. What's your goal?
Chorong: Whenever we make a comeback, our goal is to do our best and show great performance to our fans. I hope we will make memories with our fans. And I also hope we can finish our activity in safe.
Namjoo: We want to give enjoyment and happiness to our fans. Give us a lot of love.

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