Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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BLACKPINK won't ever forget being treated to a chicken by 2NE1 Sandara Park (Interview)

Q. You made a comeback with your new songs "Playing with fire" and "Stay." How do you feel?
Rose: We've worked really hard on preparing for our comeback. Please give us lots of love.
Jisoo: We made a comeback but it feels like it's our debut. Frankly speaking, I've been really worried if people are not interested in us because we didn't appear in many TV programs since our debut.
Lisa: We prepared so much to show great performance. Please look forward to it.
Jennie: I feel very nervous and excited at the same time.

Q. It seems like Yang Hyun Suk cares much about you.
Jisoo: He always sends us encouraging messages and says nice things about us. I think it is because we're rookies. He is like our father.
Jennie: When we won a No.1 trophy on a music chart show, he captured the TV screen and sent it to us with a congratulatory message.

Q. How were your trainee years?
Lisa: It was hard for me to communicate with other people because I'm a foreigner. However, the members helped me a lot, and we depended on one another emotionally and psychologically.
Jisoo: As we had the same dream, we could stand by one another.

Q. I heard that BLACKPINK is not your original team name.
Jisoo: Yeah, there were some candidates for our team name such as "Pink Punk," "Baby Monster," and "Magnum." I think it is fortunate that we debuted as BLACKPINK, haha.

Q. You topped various music charts with your new song "Playing with fire."
Jisoo: I feel really thankful for it, and I'm very grateful for our fans’ great love.

Q. Don't you feel pressure about your rivalry with other young girl groups of big k-pop agencies such as TWICE?
Jennie: As it has not been very long since we debuted, I think promoting ourselves is more important than competing with other girl groups.

Q. Do you want to win Rookie of the Year award?
Jennie: I'd be lying if I said I didn't. I’ll be really glad to get the award.

Q. How was your first appearance in a music chart show? I wonder how you assess your live performance.
Rose: As we're rookies, we were very nervous and I think our live performance was a little bit awkward. I want to do better next time. And we'll try to be more confident on the stage.

Q. What do you want to learn from other YG artists?
Jisoo: I think they're very energetic and always show outstanding stage presence. And we feel a little bit pressured because they've achieved a huge success. We'll try to catch up with them.

Q. How do they help you?
Rose: As we're the youngest in YG, they always care much about us. I won't ever forget being treated to a chicken by Sandara Park when we were trainees. She gave energy to us.

Q. You know, many people compare you with 2NE1.
Jisoo: It's an honor to be compared with 2NE1. I want to learn charisma and stage presence from 2NE1. However, we will not try to make efforts to differentiate ourselves from 2NE1. Both of us are YG girl groups, and we will just try to show our characteristics as a YG girl group.

Q. What do you think about Lisa's Korean language skills?
Jisoo: She speaks Korean really well. And she's so cute when she quotes proverbs. She also likes Korean foods such as spicy pork rib stew.

Q. When was the toughest moment since your debut?
Jennie: I think it is now. I'm very nervous because it is our first time to be interviewed.

Q. When was the most pleasant moment since your debut?
Jennie: I feel great when I meet with our fans. I feel really excited because they give fantastic support to us.

Q. What do you want to achieve through your comeback?
Jisoo: We've been really hard at work on our stage performance for "Playing with fire." I want to hear that our performance has been upgraded. And I also want to hear that we're not only good at dancing but also good at singing acoustic ballads like "Stay."

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!