Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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Apink hired private body guards (+ The members are very frightened)

Apink hired private body guards to protect themselves.

On June 14, a blackmailer called the police and threatened to kill the Apink members. He said he's been a big fan of Apink for 6 years and he threatened to kill the members because they had a blind date with would-be actors on a reality program.

After the incident, Oh Hayoung posted a long piece of writing on Apink's fan cafe, stating "At first, we were very surprised and distressed, but we're worried more about PANDAs who are worried a lot about us. We're trying to be careful, so please don't worry".

Yeah, she tried to relieve her fans' anxiety. But, it seems like the Apink members are not ok now. According to a person who works for the girl group's agency, the members are very frightened now, and that's why they hired private body guards. They're even afraid of going outside. However, they're continuing to engage in various activities to keep their promise with their fans. You know, Apink will make a comeback on June 26, and all they're thinking about is that they should please their fans by releasing a great album.

<K-pop Secret Vol.3: How and with whom Idols Date>
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