Actor Sung Dong Il blames Sulli indirectly

On May 31, a showcase event for movie "Real" was held in Seoul, while three main actors of the movie, Kim Soohyun, Sung Dong Il and Sulli attended the event.

By the way, the showcase started 10 minutes late. Well, yeah, it goes with the territory. But the problem was that audiences and reporters had to wait more to see Sulli because she appeared on the stage after Kim Soohyun and Sung Dong Il were done with their introduction.

Everybody who attended the event was curious about why Sulli was late, and well, Sung Dong Il revealed the reason. Check out what he said.

Before the showcase, Sulli changed her clothes three times in all. The dress looks good on you, Sulli. So, that's why you're late?

And he did mention it once more later in the showcase.

I feel like I'm at the flower exhibition. Sulli's dress looks like flowers attached with sea urchin. So, you were late because you had to change your clothes?

Well, the atmosphere was good, and people burst into laughter when Sung Dong Il joked about Sulli's dress. However, it was not just a joke. There was something to be considered in what he said.

Sung Dong Il is an experienced actor and he places importance on politeness. So, he thought Sulli was impolite because she made all the people wait long only because she had to change her clothes. That's why Sung Dong Il blamed Sulli indirectly, but the seasoned actor didn't destroy the atmosphere by peppering his statement with jokes.

I can understand Sulli, though. You know, it has been a long time since she made a public appearance, and she must have wanted to look pretty. Actually, when Sulli appeared on the stage, all the people who were there gave an exclamation of surprise because she was so pretty.

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