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A blackmailer threatens again to detonate a bomb to kill Apink members at the recording place of Music Bank

A blackmailer who threatened to kill Apink threatened again to detonate a bomb.

In the morning on June 30, the blackmailer called the police and said he is going to detonate a bomb at the recording place of KBS' "Music Bank". The SWAT team was sent to the place, while about 150 audiences were evacuated out of the place.

You know, the blackmailer called the police and threatened to kill the Apink members on June 14. And on June 22, he called SBS' "Midnight TV Entertainment" and made a statement about the motive of his crime. He said "They filmed We Got Married, they even filmed kissing scenes too. And what I want to say is that they had a blind date with would-be actors. They were right next to Apink members, and they held the members' hands too".

After then, he made a threatening phone call two days before Apink's comeback showcase and said he will snipe at the members at the girl group's showcase place. And he also threatened to detonate a bomb at the place.

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