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Tickets for Taeyeon's Taiwan concert all sold out just in 7 minutes

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon is enjoying huge popularity in Taiwan.

According to the officials, tickets for the female k-pop star's concert in the country were all sold out just in 7 minutes. She held her concert "PERSONA in Taipei" from May 19-21, while a total of 15,000 audiences came to the concert hall to watch Taeyeon's top class performance.

Taeyeon held larger-scale concert in Taipei than in Seoul, but she had no problem with filling the concert hall thanks to passionate fans who have been looking forward to her first ever solo concert in Taiwan.

Taeyeon electrified her fans in Taiwan by showing off her outstanding singing ability, and local medias are giving major coverage to the k-pop queen's concert.

After finishing her concert held on May 20, Taeyeon expressed her thanks for her fans' great support, saying "Sone, you are really gorgeous. It's an unforgettable gift".

Taeyeon, who's successfully finished her concerts in Seoul and Taipei will take her show to various other countries including Thailand and Hong Kong.

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