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SEVENTEEN hopes to be awarded at the Billboard Music Awards

Q. You made a comeback with your new album "Al1". How do you feel?
S.Coups: Whenever we work on our new album, we think about Carat all the time. Of course, we thought about Carat when we were preparing for our comeback, and we'll try our best to communicate with our fans.

Q. What's special about your new album?
S.Coups: Through our previous songs, we tried to sing about our love. But this time, we wanted to express our sadness. We felt pressured before releasing the album because we should show a different side of ourselves, and it feels like we're debuting again.

Q. Tell me about the title track "Don't wanna cry".
Woozi: It's our first time to try EDM, and the reason why we decided to try EDM is because we thought EDM is a great genre to express sadness of young boys. We've been always serious about our music since we debuted, but we couldn't show our serious image because our previous songs were very cheerful. So, through our new song, we want to show you that we're very serious about our music.

Q. Tell me about the choreography of the song.
Hoshi: The point is the 13 members' positions on the stage. I was inspired by modern dance, and I wanted to express sadness and complicated mind of young boys. Unlike our previous choreography, which was very powerful and energetic, the choreography for "Don't wanna cry" is beautiful.

Q. You are one of the most popular young k-pop boy groups, and people call EXO, BTS and you guys "EBS". What do you think about it?
Woozi: It's an honor to be mentioned together with such great boy groups even though it has been only 2 years since we debuted.
Seungkwan: I thank them for always supporting and complimenting us.

Q. BTS has recently won BBMAs Top Social Artist award. How do you feel about that?
Seungkwan: Frankly speaking, we hope to be awarded at the Billboard Music Awards too. We watched their acceptance speech, and they look really gorgeous. I think there's a lot we can learn from them, and we'll try our best to become a great group.

Q. You will kick off your first world tour soon.
Seungkwan: Yeah, I know it's a great thing to hold a world tour as a 3rd-year boy group. We're so thankful for it, and we'll try to be humble.

Q. How do you maintain your team work?
Seungkwan: I think the most important thing is conversation. Since we debuted, we've been trying to make time to talk to each other. I'm confident our team work is as good as any other idol groups'.

Q. What do you want to achieve through your comeback?
Woozi: I want to show that we're trying really hard to release better albums.
Hoshi: We don't cling to our ranking on a music chart. Instead, we want to show that we have a wide musical spectrum.
S.Coups: We always try to make better album, and we always think about Carat. We will never forget our first time.

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