The special feature of G-Dragon's music

During the early days of BIGBANG’s career, the team was marketed predominately as a hip-hop group, but the 5-member group and G-Dragon went on to experiment with electronic music and setting it as the new music trend in Korea. And during the production for the collaboration album GD & TOP and his solo album, G-Dragon opted for a more hip-hop sound.

As a musician, G-Dragon covers various genres of music. For example, G-Dragon incorporated a mix of dance, hip-hop, and R&B songs into “Heartbreaker”. And his second album, “Coup d'Etat” is noted for being an eclectic mix of hip-hop, dubstep, rock, electro, and pop. The more amazing fact is that G-Dragon’s music has not only highly artistic quality but also great popular appeal. That’s why he has been widely recognized as one of the best hip-hop musicians and k-pop idols.

By covering a variety of genres of music and making musical materials which have great popular appeal, G-Dragon played a leading role in popularizing hip-hop music in Korea. Before G-Dragon’s appearance on the scene, hip-hop fans ignored idol rappers, saying they’re fake rappers and their rapping skills are terrible. And idol music fans never listened to hip-hop music because underground rappers’ music was not to their taste. However, after G-Dragon’s appearance on the scene, everything changed. Underground rappers began to follow G-Dragon’s music style, and idol music fans began to listen to hip-hop music.

According to G-Dragon, he tries to make songs which can be loved by many people when he works on BIGBANG’s album, while he does what he wants to do as a musician when he works on his solo album. However, he always sticks to one basic principle. He cares much about the lyrics of his songs to arouse people’s sympathy.

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