Kim Sejung to begin her acting career soon

Gugudan's Kim Sejung is going to begin her acting career soon.

According to the officials, Kim Sejung recently had a meeting with the production crew of KBS' drama "School 2017" to be aired in July. It is not confirmed that the female idol will appear in the drama, but the casting process is well under way. If she makes a decision to appear in the drama, she will play Hong Namjoo, who is very interested in her appearance and goes on a diet all through the year.

It is not the first time for Kim Sejung to appear in a drama, but she played a very small role in "Sound of your heart". After appearing in "Sound of your heart" she's received some love calls from TV dramas, but she didn't accept the proposals because she and her agency thought she's not ready to be active as an actress yet. So, it's notable that Kim Sejung is seriously thinking of appearing in "School 2017" because it will be her first time to play a key role in a TV drama.

Actually, Kim Sejung is now one of the most sought-after young female idols among TV drama producers because she's pretty and she is loved by men and women of all ages because of her good character. Even though she doesn't have much acting experience, TV drama producers are expecting that the talented idol will do great in her drama.