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JR of NU'EST (Kim Jong Hyun of PRODUCE 101) dreams of turning his life around

JR of NU'EST (Kim Jong Hyun) is receiving great attention from k-pop fans by being voted to the top spot in the second season of "PRODUCE 101". On the audition program aired on May 26, he got 2,795,491 votes, pushing Lai Guan Lin into second place.

You know, Kim Jong Hyun is not like other trainees who're appearing in "PRODUCE 101". He debuted as a members of k-pop boy group NU'EST in 2012, and he has been active in the k-pop world for 5 years. When it was said he and his team mates Baekho, Minhyun and Ren decided to take part in "PRODUCE 101", many people in the k-pop industry were surprised because, yeah, they're not just trainees.

Actually, the NU'EST members were in a desperate situation. They couldn't become one of the hottest boy groups even though it has been years since they debuted. And even SEVENTEEN, their young brother became more popular than them. In this situation, they had to do something to turn their lives around, but unfortunately, there wasn't much they could do about it. That's why they even though of disbanding the team.

It seems like it was a great choice for them to take part in "PRODUCE 101" so far because they're doing good in the program. The first and main reason why Kim Jong Hyun is receiving great attention from many viewers is because of his good personality. He led young trainees such as Kwon Hyun Bin and Lai Guan Lin very well, and he's been trying his best in the program too. Even k-pop fans who didn't hear about NU'EST got to know about the group after the 4 members appeared in "PRODUCE 101", and the production crew of the program has very high expectations for them because they're the most popular trainees of the program.

Many people in the k-pop industry are now praising them for their brave choice even though there still are some k-pop agencies who blame them because they think the 6th-year idols took away the opportunity for their trainees to be introduced to the public.

By the way, sadly, even though the NU'EST members are doing great in "PRODUCE 101" and it's true they're receiving more attention than ever, it can't be said that they've succeeded in turning their lives around. Do you know why?

If Kim Jong Hyun will be chosen as a member of a 11-member boy group to be formed through "PRODUCE 101", he has to be active as a member of the group for 2 years. Then, what should the other 3 members do? Should they make a comeback as NU'EST again without JR? Or should they disband the team? Their future is still uncertain. You might say the problem would be solved if all the 4 members will be chosen as members of the 11-member boy group. Then, how about Aron? He didn't take part in "PRODUCE 101" and he will be left alone if the other 4 members have to be active as members of the 11-member group for 2 years.

In addition, bad news for them is they're already 23 years old. They're 24 years old in Korean age, and they'll be 26 years old after finishing their 2-year activities as members of the 11-member boy group. After then, they should find a new path again, but it will be never easy for them to do it because they're much older than young k-pop idols.

Anyway, for now, nothing is confirmed. They're just doing their best as trainees of "PRODUCE 101" because they have no choice. Good luck to NU'EST!

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