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[Interview with BTS] They say A.R.M.Y is a part of themselves

**12th anniversary special interview by Sports Kyunghyang

Q. It's nice meeting you. The Wings Tour has been half way done. How do you feel?
Rap Monster: Already! I'm tired, but I'm very happy now. Whenever I hear loud shouting of our global fans, I go into ecstasy. I thank our fans for making us feel such emotions, and I hope all the members will finish the tour safely.
Jungkook: I always try to keep eye contact with our fans, and I feel that I should try harder to become one with them. Even though the tour has been half way done, I'm still enjoying it. I'll keep trying to improve my ability.

Q. It's your second world tour.
Suga: Yeah, our concert hall became bigger than before, and the number of audiences has increased too. It's fun to set the direction of our concert.
Jimin: When we held our world tour for the first time, I felt deep regret because I even couldn't stay focused. But this time, I'm really enjoying the tour.

Q. You held your concerts in various countries, and it seems like there should be a variety of different kinds of fans.
Jin: Some fans just listen to our music, while others sing along to our songs. But they have one thing in common. They love our music and they enjoy our performance.
J-Hope: Fans in North America and South America are really enthusiastic. They sing along to our songs, and they dance with us. As they're very energetic, we can receive great energy from them. And fans in Southeast Asia send us an enthusiastic response too.

Q. Tell me about an interesting episode regarding your world tour.
J-Hope: I love to eat many different foods of various countries. But I feel sorry for the other members because some of them are quite sensitive to food and they can't eat unfamiliar food.
V: I don't have an interesting episode yet, but I'll make it with the other members. Please look forward to it.

Q. It has been only 4 years since you debuted, but you've achieved so many things.
Rap Monster: We've worked really hard.
Suga: We were on a steady, straight path. And I think we all lived our lives to the fullest.

Q. What does A.R.M.Y mean to you?
Jin: A.R.M.Y is a part of ourselves. We can exist because there is A.R.M.Y.
Suga: I'm happy that we can exchange a good influence with A.R.M.Y. We can lean on our fans in hard times, and we always are encouraged by them.
V: We can hold our world tour thanks to them, and we work harder because of them.

Q. Which artist do you want to collaborate with?
Rap Monster: Drake, Nas, Tablo, Younha and Lee Sora.
Jin: I love Coldplay.
Suga: I like a variety of artists, but I like to listen to Flume's music these days.
J-Hope: I want to collaborate with Tinashe.
V: I love John Legend. I'm really a big fan of him. I love all of his songs, but my favorite is "Start".
Jimin: Ariana Grande.
Jungkook: I want to collaborate with Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth. And I like Radwimps too.

Q. Among all of your songs, which is the most difficult to perform?
Jimin: It's my solo song "Lie".
Jungkook: I think it's "Danger".

Q. You know, your team name is Bangtan Boys but you're getting older.
Jin: Well, we're always boys at heart.

Q. What if you didn't become BTS?
Rap Monster: I would be a college student majoring in commercial business and economy.
Suga: I would be a composer.

Q. Rap Monster, as a leader of BTS, when is the toughest moment?
Rap Monster: When I should take care of what the other members can't catch.

Q. Suga, what is your favorite hair color?
Suga: Black.

Q. Jin, how do you manage your great look?
Jin: A mask pack and a lot of fruit and water. And my confidence in my look and my handsomeness, haha. All of these make my appearance perfect.

Q. V, what do you advise for people who are shy and timid?
V: I want to tell them not to be afraid of future.

Q. J-Hope, what made you begin to dance?
J-Hope: I began to dance because I loved music and I loved to express music with my body. I became interested in music after I participated in a talent show when I was an elementary school student.

Q. Jungkook, you always carry your big backpack. I wonder what's in it.
Jungkook: I always carry Bluetooth speakers.

Q. Jimin, you showed your potential as a rapper. Have you ever thought about becoming a rapper?
Jimin: Thank you, but I've never thought about it. And that is something impossible.

Q. You released your new Japanese album on May 10. Tell me about your plans.
J-Hope: My biggest goal is to finish our world tour successfully.
Jimin: We'll hold concerts in various Japanese cities.

Q. You sing about emotions of people in their early 20s. What kind of music do you want to do in the future?
Rap Monster: I want to write a song about my parents some time or other.
V: I want to write a song which is loved by men and women of all ages. I'm working really hard now, so please look forward to it.

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