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iKON says they're a bike if WINNER is a luxurious sports car

Q. You made a comeback with your brand new album "NEW KIDS : BEGIN". How do you feel?
Jinhwan: Well, as we had a long hiatus, I feel like we're debuting again. I'm very nervous now.
Donghyuk: We've been looking forward to making a comeback. We've worked really hard to produce a high quality album, and I hope we can show some improvement to our fans.
Junhoe: It's the most satisfactory album among all of our albums. And I practiced dancing harder than ever.

Q. B.I, you took part in writing various songs again. Tell me about your new songs.
B.I: "BLING BLING" could be an upgraded version of "Rhythm Ta". It's like a cannon. The song includes heavy beats and harsh lyrics. I wanted to make a trendy song. And "B-DAY" is a cheerful song. The song doesn't contain a deep meaning, and I hope you can just enjoy the song.

Q. So, B.I is the leader of the team, and I wonder how the other members think of the leader.
Bobby: He is the leader who cares about everything. When we recorded our new songs, I could feel that he really loves iKON. Actually, Chanwoo was sharply scolded by him, haha.
Yunhyeong: He pursues perfection, and he pointed out my mistakes after we learned choreography.

Q. Don't you feel pressured to achieve a big success through your comeback?
B.I: We felt pressured when we released our previous album, but we could lighten the burden by holding a lot of concerts in foreign countries. I'm just thankful that we could release music we wanted to do. And as we have many bullets loaded, we don't worry about the result. You know, little strokes fell great oaks. Of course, it's a lie to tell that we don't care about the result at all, but we will not be discouraged even if the result is bad.

Q. Yang Hyun Suk said "It will be the best song among all the iKON's songs".
B.I: I found out about it through an article. I think he's very generous with his compliments.
Bobby: He cared much about our rap parts, and I should change my rap three times. I've been trying really hard, but I think he's not satisfied with it yet. And I was impressed when he himself gave a demonstration of our choreography and hummed "BLING BLING" everywhere he went.

Q. B.I and Bobby took part in Psy's new song "BOMB". How was your collaboration with Psy?
B.I: It was an extempore collaboration. We just did whatever we wanted, and Psy arranged everything. He was really professional. And he treated us like friends.
Bobby: I thought he should be a very strict man, but he was not. We worked together in a comfortable atmosphere.

Q. You've recently kicked off your Dome tour in Japan.
B.I: Even though we didn't perform our new songs on the stage, we're so excited to perform on such a big stage. I was a little nervous, but I was really excited.
Bobby: When we performed there with the BIGBANG members, the stage looked so big. But this time, it looked smaller, and I think it means we grew up.
Yunhyeong: When BIGBANG held their concert there, I imagined the dome is filled up with red lights, instead of BIGBANG's yellow lights. My dream came true, and I'm so happy now.

Q. It seems like many people are still interested in your rivalry with WINNER.
B.I: Well, they're taller than us, and if WINNER is a luxurious sports car, we're a bike.
Bobby: If I have to make a comparison, I want to say WINNER is a sports car and we're a sedan.
B.I: We don't meet them frequently, but we're always supporting them. I'm so happy that WINNER got good result with their new album.

Q. What's you goal?
B.I: We don't aim to win awards at the end-of-year music awards. Instead, we want to be very active in Korea. We'll appear in various music chart shows and TV shows so that we can meet our fans very often.

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