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Hyuna doesn't like being physically affectionate

Q. You formed your new unit Triple H with E'Dawn and Hui. How do you feel?
Hyuna: I feel great to form a new unit with the Pentagon members, who are the future of Cube Entertainment. Some people say Cube uses me to promote them, but I have a lot to learn from them too. I was very nervous when I was preparing for Triple H's first album.

Q. What's your relationship with the two young members?
Hyuna: They might feel uncomfortable being with me, but we try to take care of each other. I think we're still trying to find common ground.

Q. You appeared on Music Core and Inkigayo last week. Were you satisfied with your performance?
Hyuna: Even though I appeared on only two music chart shows because music chart shows these days are not that popular, I love my costume with with a floral pattern. And it's fun to wink too. I didn't know I'm that much cute, haha.

Q. It's notable that you acted in Triple H's music video.
Hyuna: It's meaningful to me, but I don't think I'm good at acting. I'm still nervous when I sing on stage even though it has been 10 years since debut, and I think I should concentrate on singing rather than acting.

Q. There many idols who cross the line between singing and acting, though.
Hyuna: My father dreamed of becoming an actor, and that's why he made me take auditions to be an actress when I was young. But I failed about 50 auditions, haha. People say I'm really talented, but I'm not. I just could improve my ability thanks to my father and agency, and I'm still trying to learn. My father is the one who always supports me. When I caught in a controversy, he doesn't worry about it or try to console me. Instead, he just says "That's my girl. She did so great that many people speak ill of you".

Q. Triple H's music video is caught in a controversy because it has some suggestive scenes.
Hyuna: Well, I just tried not to be nervous, and I wanted to express what the director wanted. I wanted to try something new. Actually, I don't like being physically affectionate. I like to have physical contact with girls. Anyway, I'll try to calm the controversy by showing great performance on stage.

Q. It has been 10 years since your debut. How do you feel?
Hyuna: I feel more responsible now. When I debuted, there were only 5 staff members in Cube Entertainment. Some people say I'm the Cinderella or breadwinner of Cube, but I think I'm Cube's first daughter. I've been following Cube's growth for many years, and I hope to earn a lot of money because I really want to make my staff members happy.

Q. Is there anything changed after 4minute has been disbanded?
Hyuna: I think my activity as a member of Triple H is an extension of my activities as a member of 4minute and Trouble Maker. One thing has changed, though. In the old days, I was on a steady, straight path, and I felt like I was being chased by many things. But these days, I became more comfortable. I mean, I appreciate the small things now. I found true happiness.

Q. What's your goal?
Hyuna: When I was very young, I imitated Psy's dance moves on the stage of Dongdaemun market. But I later became the heroine of his music video. Well, I think I'm very lucky. There were many good people around me, and I was loved by so many people. I don't follow my dream any more. Instead, I'll work hard and try not to miss a good opportunity. And I'll try to do my best in return for my fans' love.

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