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Hints that Suzy and Lee Minho are not even thinking about breaking up

Suzy and Lee Minho have been dating each other since 2015. The famous couple was once rumored to have broken up, but it seems they're still perfect for each other. Yeah, they're getting along well together. So, how long do you think the two top stars will maintain their romantic relationship? Actually, it seems they're not even thinking about breaking up now.

First, before Lee Minho entered the military in May, they held a party to celebrate their two year anniversary. And a notable thing is that they invited their friends to the party and had a great time together. It's unusual for a celebrity couple to invite their friends to their special event because, yeah, they're celebrities and don't usually want to open their private lives even to their friends. So, what do you think it means? Yeah, Suzy and Lee Minho regard each other as a very important person in their lives.

Second, Suzy is filming her new drama "While you were sleeping", and the drama will begin to air soon, which means she will be very busy for months. Think about it. Do you think it's a just coincidence that Suzy will become very busy right after Lee Minho entered military? No. Suzy's busy schedule will help her overcome loneliness.

Third, sadly, many of Korean young couples break up due to male's military enlistment. It's never easy for a woman to wait for her boyfriend for about 2 years. However, fortunately, Lee Minho is serving as a public service worker, not a soldier, which means he can freely enjoy dating Suzy after finishing his daily work.

Of course, Suzy and Lee Minho are ordinary people too, and nobody can be sure if they'll be together for ever. However, they're getting along well together now, and as I said, they're not even thinking about breaking up for now.

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