[Exclusive] EXO will make a comeback in the third quarter of 2017

EXO is coming back.

According to the SM official, EXO is planning to release its new album in the third quarter of 2017, which means the boy group will make a comeback before October. Of course, it's a long time till then, and there could be changes. It could be brought forward or pushed back. Actually, EXO originally planned to make a comeback in the first half of 2017, but it has been delayed. Anyway, for now, yes, EXO is planning to make a come back in the third quarter. SM will make an official announcement after everything's confirmed.

A notable thing is that EXO and SM are working really hard on the new album. You know, EXO rose to fame as the most popular boy group as soon as it debuted, and the team has been overwhelmingly popular among k-pop fans. EXO was regarded as the only k-pop boy group who can rank with BIGBANG. But these days, it seems like things changed a little bit. Young boy groups, who debuted later than EXO began to threaten EXO's position. Especially, BTS is enjoying its heyday, and the team even won BBMAs Top Social Artist award.

Yeah, that's why EXO and SM are working really hard on the group's new album, and what they want to show through their comeback is EXO is still a no.1 k-pop boy group. What the SM official told me is that EXO's title track will be a song which is better than "Growl", the biggest hit of the group that was released in 2013. EXO has released some experimental songs in recent years, but this time, it is expected EXO will make a comeback with a new song which is full of popular appeal.

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