Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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[Exclusive] BTS is not dating anybody now

Do you like BTS? Are you a big fan of BTS? Then, are you curious about whether the members are dating somebody now? Well, as I have already noted before at KpopBehind's Q&A page, I asked you to refrain from asking questions about idol stars' privacy because I don't want to violate their privacy.

But, this time, I want to give an answer to the question "Are the BTS members dating somebody?" because, well, as BigHit Entertainment announced, the members have been in terrible stress due to crazed fans. BTS members are under great mental and physical stress due to some fans' lack of discretion, and please stop prying into their private lives.

So, do you think the BTS members have their girlfriends? The answer is no. They're not dating anybody now. I confirmed it through multiple sources. You know, there have been some unfounded rumors regarding their dating. Jimin was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Red Velvet's Seulgi, while some said V is dating Joy of Red Velvet. And Jungkook was rumored to be dating TWICE's Nayeon. Everything is a lie.

Actually, the BTS members have so much work that they even don’t have enough time to eat or sleep. You know, they are now the most popular k-pop idol group, while they're well known for working so hard. Since debut, they have been each other for 24 hours-a day, and all they do is practice, work, eat and sleep. That's why they could become one of the most competent k-pop idol groups. In addition, as the talented idols write their own songs, they don't really have have time to do anything else, while all the members are very passionate about their works now.

Of course, it doesn't mean they will not date anybody for ever, and they will date somebody some time or other if they get time to catch their breath, but, again, they're not dating anybody now.

<K-pop Secret Vol.3: How and with whom Idols Date>
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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!