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BTS makes new k-pop history by winning BBMAs Top Social Artist award

BTS became the first ever k-pop idol group who's awarded at the Billboard Music Awards by winning the Top Social Artist award on May 22. Congratulations on receiving the award, boys, and I want to say congratulations to A.R.M.Y too because just like the BTS members said, A.R.M.Y is a part of themselves.

By the way, BTS' winning BBMAs Top Social Artist award is something very special not only because it is the first time for a k-pop idol group to win the award but also because of many other reasons.

You know, BTS is in Big Hit entertainment, which is not as big kpop agency as SM, YG, or JYP. Achieving success as a idol group of small and medium agency is much harder than you could ever have imagined. The fact that an idol group of a small agency became the first ever k-pop idol group who's awarded at the Billboard Music Awards has come as a great shock to many people in the k-pop industry.

Yeah, the boys have broken the stereotype that a idol group of a small agency can't achieve a huge success as a global star, and that's why BigHit Entertainment is now the envy of many k-pop agencies.

Then, what do you think is the reason for BTS’ great success? The main reason for BTS' success is that the boy group differentiated itself from other boy groups by doing "real hip hop" music. The group writes its own music and sings about teenager's life, arousing empathy from young k-pop fans. Frankly speaking, there are few k-pop idol groups who have their own musical characteristics except for BTS.

That's not all. It's notable that BTS won BBMAs Top Social Artist award, beating Justin Bieber, who's won the award 6 years in a row. You know, Justin Bieber is the hottest pop star in the world, and it would be little short of a miracle that a idol group of South Korea beat the super star at the Billboard Music Awards.

Yeah, it means BTS is that much popular all over the world, and people in the k-pop world are now saying that the boy group opened up a new possibility of k-pop. You know, the k-pop industry has been depending too much on Chinese and Japanese music market, and that's why the k-pop world was on the alert when the Chinese authorities imposed restrictions on Korean content in retaliation to the placement of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery.

And it's also notable that BTS is not only very popular among their fans but also being recognized as a competent musician among respected industry insiders, which means it is expected that the boy group will have a long run in the k-pop world.

You know, Seo Taiji's agency announced that the legendary k-pop singer will launch a special project to mark the 25th anniversary of his debut, while BTS has been chosen as the first participant of the project who will remake Seo Taiji's hit.

You may think it's a great thing but a matter of course because, no doubt, BTS is in its golden days now. But, what you should know is Seo Taiji doesn't collaborate with somebody just because he is a very popular singer. Seo Taiji is a perfectionist and he doesn't let anyone remake his songs. He sometimes is very obsessive about his music. So, it means Seo Taiji recognized BTS' musical ability, and he was sure that BTS will never spoil his music.

You know, Rap Monster and Suga have released their mixtapes just like underground rappers do, and by doing so, they stressed the fact that they’re different from other puppet like idols. That's why they could achieve a great success even though they're not "pretty boys" just like other k-pop idols.

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