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BLACKPINK becomes the most sought-after girl group among TV show producers

Do you like BLACKPINK? You know, the girl group has been enjoying great popularity since its debut in 2016. By the way, it's notable that BLACKPINK recently became the most sought-after girl group among TV show producers in Korea. YG artists have usually not been so active in TV shows, but it seems like the four girls will be different from other YG artists because there are so many TV show producers who hope to cast the members. Well, then, why do you think BLACKPINK is so popular among TV show producers?

Did you watch "My Little Television" aired on May 20? You know, the BLACKPINK members appeared in the program and showed off their charm, while their appearance in the program became hot on the web after the broadcast.

By the way, it was notable that the 4 members showed pure and eccentric charm in the program, instead of showing off their charisma just like they did on the live stage.

BLACKPINK could become one of the most popular k-pop girl groups because the team is a girl group of charisma who always shows high quality performance. Unlike other young k-pop girl groups, who always try to show off their cute and lovely charm, BLACKPINK focus on showing their outstanding performance ability.

But, in "My Little Television", as I said, they showed pure and eccentric charm. They provoked a laugh by doing extraordinary and funny behaviors. They washed a staff member's hair with poor skills, and they even made a mistake of pouring water in his face. And they said "Congratulations on My Little Television's 100th broadcast!", without knowing the fact that the program will end soon.

So, yeah, that's why BLACKPINK is so popular among TV show producers. TV show producers like something new. And they like unexpectedness too because it makes viewers stay focused. TV show producers believe that BLACKPINK will give a boost to their programs. BLACKPINK is receiving many offers to appear in TV shows, and it is expected that their fans will be able to see the lovely members in a variety of TV shows even though they'll have to get permission from YG first.

Oh, are you curious what BLACKPINK's real personality is like? They look like ordinary young girls in real life. They laugh well, and they're a little shy. They're not charismatic at all in real life. They love pranks and they love to chat to each other.

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