Actor Jang Kiyong says IU herself chose him as the partner of her kissing scene

Jang Kiyong, who belongs to YG Entertainment is a tall and handsome actor. He's shown stable acting performance through his dramas such as "Love for a thousand more" and "The Liar and his Lover". By the way, do you remember that the handsome actor appeared in IU's music videos? Yeah, he appeared in music videos of "The Red Shoes" and "Friday", and that's why he was once called "IU's man". Especially, you know, his kissing scene with IU in the music video of "Friday" was a big issue among fans of IU.

Well, after finishing filming "The Liar and his Lover" Jang Kiyong was interviewed by various Korean media outlets, and he talked about stories behind his kissing scene with IU. Check out what he talked about it.

Yeah, I know my kissing scene with IU was a big issue, and I'm still called "IU's man" even though it already has been 5 years since then, haha. At the time, I was so happy that IU herself chose me as the partner of her kissing scene after looking at my photos. I'm highly elated when I watch the music video with my friends at a karaoke.

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