Taecyeon of 2PM hopes to invite TWICE after enlisting in the army

Q. A VIP premiere of your new movie "House of the disappeared" was held a few days ago. What did 2PM members tell you about the movie?
Taecyeon: Nichkhun said he enjoyed the movie and he also told me that the movie was like scary "Interstellar." And Wooyoung said my acting ability has improved.

Q. Junho recently appeared in his new drama "Good manager" and received great reviews for his acting. Have you watched the drama?
Taecyeon: Actually, we can't watch each other's drama because both of us are too busy. Instead, we support each other. When he was filming the drama, he had hard times because he had a tough schedule. So I shared my experience with him to cheer him up.

Q. Some people compare you with actor Kang Dongwon because the director of "House of the disappeared" directed "The priests" in 2015. You know, Kang Dongwon appeared in the movie and he played a priest just like you did in "House of the disappeared."
Taecyeon: When I filmed "House of the disappeared," I've never thought about it. However, I think the press wants to write about it, haha. I feel some burden now.

Q. What was it like acting with Kim Yunjin in "House of the disappeared"?
Taecyeon: She's really gorgeous. She's delicate and she told me a lot about the Hollywood system.

Q. So, are you dreaming of Hollywood?
Taecyeon: Well, I want to go to Hollywood, of course. I've had auditions a few times, but I would like to talk about it 2 years later because I have to enlist in the army soon.

Q. You didn't need to enlist in the army because you had a herniated disk, but you underwent an operation to be judged fit for military service. Why did you do that?
Taecyeon: I didn't want to be ashamed of myself. I know I have to start off on a long journey, but I didn't want to escape. Before enlisting the army, I'll try my best to enjoy my life. I didn't receive the date to join the army yet.

Q. Did you receive any advice about military life?
Taecyeon: Well, males who have finished their military services told me that I'll be loved by many soldiers if I will invite TWICE to a military base. You know, TWICE is really popular among young males these days. That's why I'm trying to be nice to TWICE, and the members know about it too. Of course, I'm not sure they will really visit me, haha.