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All about k-pop idols' dorms: Where do they live?

The location of k-pop idols' dorms

Most of k-pop idols live close to their agencies. There are two reasons for it. First, it's important for k-pop idols to live close to their practice rooms because they spend a great deal of time in practicing. Second, from the point of view of k-pop agencies, it's easy for them to manage their idols if idols live close to their agencies. And sometimes, k-pop idols live close to hair shops to handle their time effectively.

Here are places where many k-pop idol groups' dorms are located. Gangnam, Cheongdam, nearby Youngdong bridge, nearby Konkuk University, Hapjeong and nearby Hongik University.

A notable thing is that most of k-pop agencies don't let their idol groups live close to idol groups of the opposite sex.

When do they move?

Most of the time, the period of k-pop idols' lease contract is 2 years. So, they usually move out every 2 years. Of course, if they want to move to a very nice house, they should become very popular and earn lots of money.

And most of the idol group members who've been active in the k-pop world for a long time decide to leave their dorms and live alone. There are two reasons for it. First, they've earned enough money to buy their own houses. Second, it's more effective for them to live alone because they should do a series of individual activities.

Of course, there also are a few idol group members who don't leave their dorms even though it has been a long time since they debuted because they are very solid with each other. And some of idol group members live close to each other after leaving their dorms because they don't want to live far away from each other.

Do all the k-pop idols live in luxurious dorms?

No, dorms vary from idol group to idol group. Some idols of poor agencies live in semi-basement rooms, but idols of rich agencies live in nice houses. Averagely, a 5-member group lives in a house with 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms.

What are the rules in their dorms?

There are no strict rules in their dorms. However, it's important to consider other people's needs in a communal setting, and they should take care of each other. For example, they should keep quiet late at night, and they roster a person on cleaning and laundry duty. And they should tell their managers before going out. K-pop idol groups live with their managers, while girl groups live with female managers.

How long do they stay in their dorms?

They don't stay long in their dorms because they're very busy. Even when they're having a hiatus, they don't stay in their dorms because they spend a great deal of time in practicing. And when they're free, they usually get a vacation and many of them go to see their parents.

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