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Reasons why IU's new song "Through the Night" is so special

On March 24, IU released her new song "Through the Night." And as soon as she made a comeback, the female k-pop star caused a sensation in the k-pop world by topping a variety online music charts. Well, some of you may take it as a matter of course because she is a super star who has been gaining huge popularity and it has been a long time since she released her new song. By the way, people in the k-pop world are kind of shocked now not only because IU's new song is very popular among k-pop fans but also because the song is a very special music. So, here are reasons why IU's new song is so special.

First, "Through the Night" is a music which contains analog emotion. Unlike most of young k-pop singers' songs, the song doesn't contain a catchy hook or complicated electronic sounds. Instead, the song consists of lyrical guitar melodies and IU's sweet voice. It's the song based on the sentiment from 1980s, and it's remarkable that IU, who is only 24 years old sang it perfectly like a very experienced singer. No other young k-pop singers can do it.

Second, the lyrics of the song are so beautiful. IU wrote the lyrics herself, and she absolutely showed great talent in writing lyrics. Her poetic lyrics such as "Tonight, I’ll send the glow of a firefly / to somewhere near your window", "Just like letters on the sand where waves stayed / I'm afraid you’ll disappear to a far off place / I miss you again and miss you more" are just amazing. Even professional lyric writers can't write such sophisticated lyrics.

Third, IU is a singer who knows moderation. Most of k-pop female solo singers who sing well usually try to show off their great singing abilities in their songs. They shout loudly and try to prove they have no trouble hitting the high notes. But IU doesn't do such things. Instead, she focuses on delivering her song's message by singing her beautiful lyrics in a calm manner.

Fourth, it's not all IU has. IU will release her 4th full album on April 21, and "Through the Night" is just a pre-released track of the album. IU still has many new songs to release, while some of the songs are totally different from "Through the Night." IU is still growing up as a musician, and I'm sure she will surprise us once more.

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