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People in the Korean drama industry have high expectations for Joy of Red Velvet

Red Velvet's Joy is going to debut as an actress. She will appear in her first ever drama "The liar and his lover" to begin to air on March 20, while the young idol will play lovely high school girl Yoon Sorim. You know, there are so many k-pop idols these days who appear in their dramas or movies, and you might think Joy's appearance in "The liar and his lover" is not that special. However, it's noteworthy that many people in the Korean drama industry now has very high expectations for her.

When Red Velvet debuted in 2014, Irene attracted the biggest attention among the girl group members because she was so beautiful. And it's true many people still consider her as the ace member of Red Velvet. However, people in the k-pop industry who know well of the Red Velvet members picked Joy as the ace member from the beginning because she had many merits as an entertainer.

First, she has a pretty face. She has tendency to gain weight, but you know, she succeeded in losing weight. Second, She has an attractive voice. She has very unique tone of voice, while her singing skills are good too. Third, she is a very talented person. She never gets cold feet in front of the public, and she knows how to entertain people.

So, what people in the Korean drama industry are expecting now is that Joy will show great acting performance in "The liar and his lover" and she will become an competent young actress who can lead the industry. Some people even say she has the possibility to become the next Suzy or the next Hyeri.

Check out what Kim Jinmin, the producer of "The liar and his lover" talked about Joy. He is a famous producer who has produced popular TV dramas such as "Marriage contract" and "Time between dog and wolf."

Before I cast Joy, I was looking for someone whose voice is very special. Joy's voice was very special, and that's why I wanted to meet her again. And the second time we met, I found her to be very pretty. When I cast actors, I use their acting ability and energy as major factors in evaluating them. In case of Joy, I gave her a perfect score in terms of her energy because she has energy which makes people happy. So, I decided to cast her as the lead actress of the drama even though she's never appeared in any TV dramas. She's doing great now, and I think it's because she has been trained for a long time as a trainee of SM Entertainment.
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