GOT7's Jinyoung says his role model is Shinhwa's Eric

Q. You're finally making your screen debut by appearing in your first ever movie "A Stray Goat." How do you feel?
Jinyoung: I've been looking forward to playing a character who seems to be easy to play but is not easy to play. My character in the movie is very realistic, and I thought I could show dark side of myself through the character. You know, I've appeared in some dramas, but many of them were fantasy dramas. That's why I decided to appear in the movie. Of course, it's not a blockbuster, but I'm sure it will be a good experience for me.

Q. There is a great prejudice against idols in the Korean movie world. What do you think of it?
Jinyoung: I've not experienced such a prejudice yet. And as I'm a timid person and I tried not to even think about it. I just did the best I can with what I was given.

Q. What was it like acting with Jiwoo?
Jinyoung: Most of my co-stars in my previous dramas were 9-10 years younger than me. But Jiwoo is just 3 years younger than me, and it was great to act with her. And as she has a lot of acting experience, I could learn a lot from her. We shared many ideas, and I was very happy to be with her.

Q. Who is your role model?
Jinyoung: I'm not acquainted with many of idols who act in various TV dramas and movies. However, my role model is Shinhwa's Eric. Just like him, I want to build my acting career steadily.

Q. How about Suzy? She belongs to JYP Entertainment too, and she's been doing great as an actress.
Jinyoung: We spent trainee years together, and we sometimes contact each other. However, we don't talk about acting. She is a female star, and I think we're going separate ways.

Q. Did Park Jin Young give you any advice about acting? You know, he made a debut as a movie actor by appearing in "A Millionaire on the Run" in 2012.
Jinyoung: Well, I watched the movie. And about singing, I'm always being scolded by him. However, he doesn't usually comment about acting, and he just gave me supportive remarks after I decided to appear in "A Stray Goat."