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Yoo Ah In becomes free from a rumor that he is a gay

In Korea, all able-bodied men over 19 are required to serve in the military. And yeah, famous male stars are no exceptions.

So, Yoo Ah In, who is one of the most popular young actors applied for the police's special promotions unit in 2014 to do his mandatory military service.

Years ago, most of famous male stars preferred to complete their military service as entertainment soldiers, while many stars including Rain, Seven and Lee Joon Gi were entertainment soldiers. However, some of them have received heavy punishment for violating several policies, and many people insisted that entertainment soldiers destroy instead of boost the morale of other soldiers on active duty. So, in 2013, the Ministry of National Defense decided to discontinue the entertainment soldier system. And after the abolition of the system, there was a sudden increase in the number of applicants for the police's special promotions unit because the unit is considered as a comfortable unit among male celebrities. What they basically do in the unit is promote the police, while they can live relatively freer than ordinary soldiers and conscripted policemen.

Anyway, in this situation, Yoo Ah In applied for the police's special promotions unit but he suddenly gave up the chance to enter the unit for no reason. Yoo Ah In and his agency didn't say a word about the matter, and the rumor began to spread that he couldn't enter the police's special promotions unit because he is a gay.

And after then, Yoo Ah In had had 3 times of physical examination to join the army, but the Ministry of National Defense decided to fail him. About this, the public blamed him that he's trying to dodge his duty, while many people in the Korean entertainment industry said he will not be able to join the army because he is a gay.

Well, by the way, it was recently revealed that Yoo Ah In is suffering from a bone tumor. When he was filming his movie "Tough as iron" in 2013, he injured his shoulder and he was diagnosed as having a bone tumor. He didn't want to let people know that he is sick, but it became known to the public by news medias. I'm sure someone who stands by his side tipped off a media outlet with the information because the handsome actor has gone through some trouble because of vicious rumors.

So, all the misunderstanding regarding him has been cleared up. He couldn't enter the police's special promotions unit and pass the army's physical examinations because he is suffering from a bone tumor not because he is a gay. After all the facts were known, people in the entertainment industry don't say he is a gay any more.

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